Feature Request: Post Reputation

We have a way of 'Recommending' forum posts and replies already, but could we have the same for negative marks that can ultimately hide posts from view if they get enough negative votes?

So often you see trolling, wind-up posts that cause people to react and derail an otherwise decent conversation. If those replies could be voted down until they aren't displayed, people would often skip over them rather than react. I've come to type this after reading one thread that started with a perfectly decent question and debate, that descended into a mess thanks to one very badly informed post fuelled by a desire to not back down.

If you get the scoring criteria right, it would be a true representation of peoples opinions too. Sometimes what one person deems to be trolling is actually very useful or agreeable to another person, so it wouldn't be fair for just a few votes either way to affect its visibility. But when you're reaching 10's or 100's of votes either way, it's a fair judgement.

How exactly it's implemented I don't mind; Hot/Cold, +/- etc are all good.

Thanks for listening :)