Ideas on how to repurpose an old Windows Phone?? (Samsung Focus)

I recently found an old Samsung Focus I thought I lost some time ago, and was wondering what I can do with it? Its cell radio doesn't seem to work really well (wifi works fine though), so I probably can't use it as a backup phone and that combined with its already low market value, it makes eBay a non-starter. Rather than throw it away, I was wondering if there is some other use I can put it towards?

I know if this were an Android phone, I could install cheapcast on it and turn it into a chromecast. Is there a way to do that or something similar on Windows phone?

I have a home intercom/radio system in my house. I was thinking I could connect the Focus to that and then using other phones, control the music that's played through it.

If anyone has any other ideas on how to repurpose a windows phone, I'll be happy to hear it. I rather not have to throw it away.