Productivity: The iPad is almost unusable.

I don't want to make this a long post. I just want to share one thought about the iPad: It sucks for productivity, at least to a certain extent. There are many reasons why, but I'm really to lazy to post them (I should be working on a paper). However, I can see how people can use an iPad over a laptop, but I don't understand why they would choose to use it as their primary device. My Macbook is a better tool than either my iPad Mini or Air. I guess it depends on what you're doing. As for me, iWork on an iPad isn't as great as it is on my Macbook.

I will be purchasing a Surface 2 in about a month or so (almost done saving up for one). I hope to see where the Surface excels in comparison to where an iPad falls shy. Even if Office comes for the iPad, I'm afraid it won't change much.

The iPad is a great device for surfing the web for fun, playing games, reading PDF's, books and so on, but I still prefer my Macbook for productivity.

As much as Apple tries to sell how the iPad can change the way you work, it's capacity is certainly limited. What do you guys think? What has been your personal experience with the iPad? Do you prefer working on a laptop to get things done instead of an iPad? Or is it the other way around? Please, let's have a mature discussion.