So to me it seems like iOS 7 is better suited for an iPhone than the iPad.

I have never actually owned an iPad I guess I should start off by saying that. Now from what I have seen and read about and used briefly. It just seems to me that iOS7 seems more at home on the iPhone. It seems like iOS 7 on the iPad is just blown up from the iPhone. Now obviously I am sure it has a number of various improvements on the tablet compared to the phone.Yet when I see the home screen (which be just the worst example to pick) It seems it just a blown up homescreen with tons of space between the icons on the dock, and on the app space.

I have also heard iOS 7 had some issues on older iPads or newer ones. I can not confirm this but I am sure someone else can.

Yet I just feel its better suited to a smaller device. Now if you have an iPad. I encourage you to let me know how it works or what you like about iOS 7 on a large screen. I would love to be more informed about tablets.