Rant: Youtube app on Xbox One

I loved Xbox 360 YouTube app. But the using YouTube app for Xbox one is just irritating. This happens when my family is watching a movie with my brother's Xbox account on YouTube and I walk into the room. As soon as I walk into the room Kinect recognizes me and logs me in, YouTube then immediately stops playing and goes to home page. Then we have to browse for the video again and fast forward to the part where we were.

Fast forwarding is another issue. If you play videos through Xbox video app or Play To function, you have an option to fast forward 2X to 128X speed. This is not present in YouTube app.

I don't know who to blame for these two issues. Sign in problem is there in Call of Duty game too. As soon as Kinect logs me in my brothers game is paused and Xbox says my data starts syncing. He has to wait until in finishes syncing to play the game.