Too Political

I'm not very impressed with the level of partisan politics, or really politics at all, that is starting to invade The Verge. I was reading the comments on the Russian Olympics and their coverage of it and only got like halfway before all I could hear was noise. People sound like idiots when discussing politics. I really am not looking forward to attracting more of those types in the future on what has been a good, intelligent, fairly-covered tech news site.

That politically-charged comment section of that article was also the first time I've had comments deleted. One person said it was surprising that Benghazi wasn't covered. Another replied they weren't Fox News. I thought, "Great, someone gets that this site isn't a bog-standard political news site." But when the next reply was "Exactly", I realized that they were saying not being Fox News was a bad thing. Started to wonder if I wondered into the wrong news site by accident. Like "Red vs. Blue" instead of that well-designed tech news site with relevant issues and great typography.

So I made some quip about a comparison to the well-known study that Fox News viewers are more uninformed than the general public on a variety of current events and historical subjects. As if that was what he was trying to say. A little bit of sarcasm. Then after I got insanely bored reading all the sad, sad, back-and-forth of partisan commenters, I scrolled down to the bottom and posted "Can we go back to just a tech news blog?" Both comments were deleted or reported. I don't really know how that works.

Funny that the only time I've had anything deleted has been on a political story. Makes me wonder if something like this has anything to do with it:

I had no idea that conservative sites were targeting The Verge as a liberal site now. This is not good. The level of discourse is about to fall off a cliff. No matter which group of political junkies has decided to right a wrong here.