Apple Core Technology Setup

Hi Guys,

I have watched a lot of YouTube videos lately of peoples technology Setups at home, whether it be an office at home or a desk with monitors, computers and tablets galore.

I believe they are great to watch and for anyone whom is alike myself and changes their technology numerous times a year they offer a great way to find new and cool objects to add to your collection.

So, Apple Core, what does your setup look like at home? I have attached my setup below.

As you can see I don't really use much and like to keep my work area as clear as possible, I use the latest entry level 11" MacBook Air as my primary device. I use a 16GB Retina Mini for reading and watching videos when I am out and about and my current mobile device is a Nexus 5 in Black purchased last week.

Also on my desk is a Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air speaker system which I love! Cloths and iKlear polish for all my devices and an iPod Shuffle for when I am at the gym.