Awesome iPhone 5s Battery Life

So I just read this post and I thought I would create a counter-post. I think the author of the other post probably needs to bring his iPhone back and exchange it or reset the network settings or something.

My experience with the iPhone 5s battery has been phenomenal and I want to share why....

Battery Performance: iPhone 3GS + iPhone 4S

In the past my iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S did pretty well of going from sunrise to bedtime without a problem during a normal day's use. However, if I found myself traveling in areas with very crowded cellular towers, the battery life would quickly drain as the phone would be pushed off the tower and then have to lock back on to the tower. This happened to me several years ago in NYC with my iPhone 3GS and annually at Disneyland around the New Year's holiday. In both cases the phone would go through its battery very quickly and feel pretty warm all day unless I turned off cellular data or (with iOS 5 and lower) sent it into "2G-only mode". The "2G-Only" switch in earlier versions of iOS was nice because most people didn't know about it and so the cell tower 2G capacity was never over-loaded.

Upgrading to iPhone 5s

Since I have upgraded to the iPhone 5s I have had the same positive experience with regard to normal daily usage. However, I spent a week at Disneyland for New Years and I was fully expecting I would be shutting off cellular data until I needed it to save battery life on this new phone. When we go to Disneyland, we get up pretty early to make it to the park before the long lines form. I also use my phone quite a bit: snapping pictures, checking wait times on lines, texting and calling with family members and friends to coordinate things, and of course playing games while sitting in line. However, I never had to mess with the cellular dat settings on the device to maintain battery life. On my longest day at the park, I took my iPhone 5s off the charger at 6am and did not return it to the charger until 10:30pm. Near the end of that day, I pulled my iPhone out when we were waiting for the World of Color show to start in order to connect to the Disney California Adventure "Pier Games" WiFi and play "Simon Says" with the lights on the Mickey Ferris Wheel. The "Simon Says" game scores your speed and accuracy against other park patrons for the right to control the light sequence for the next round. When I pulled the iPhone out, I was afraid it wouldn't have enough juice left to play the game after all the photos, phone calls, texts, and mobile games throughout the day. Low-and-behold, I had about 40% juice left. When I got home that night after the show and put the iPhone back on the charger I was still over 20% "warning level". Now, I am guessing that this change was due to a software update in how the iPhone handles being kicked off a cellular tower, but either way, having the iPhone 5s go from 6:00am to 10:30pm on a single charge with heavy use in an area with crowded cellular towers astonished me.

So far I have been very very impressed with the battery life of my iPhone 5s. Anybody else have some experience with they also noticed a substantial improvement without having to fiddle with settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular data?