What's next for the iPhone?

From the Original iPhone in 2007 to the iPhone 5S & 5C today, Apple has refined and updated it's iPhone line every year giving us a thinner lighter shell, a bigger screen an ever improving camera and most recently a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S.

Apple seems to every year bring something completely new to the iPhones hardware from the iPhone 3G with a plastic back, the iPhone 4 with it's radically different and beautiful design with glass on either side and the iPhone 5 with a bigger screen and the incorporation of aluminium and glass together with a fingerprint sensor all whilst continuing to make the screen thinner and lighter.

But what is next for the iPhone do you think? It's probably safe to say the iconic home button is now here to stay with the inclusion of the fingerprint scanner. The candy bar design of the iPhone has been around since the iPhone 4's introduction in 2010 and the retina display has also been around since the iPhone 4 also.

Rumors have it that the iPhone will sport a larger screen to appease and persuade users who are accustomed to the larger displays on the Nexus and Samsung line of devices. What do you think? This would mean Apple then is shipping phones with 3 different screen sizes as they are still shipping the iPhone 4 in some countries. Again, developers would have to tweak their applications to fit the bigger size and tweak their icons as the screen resolution would also most likely be different. I, personally do not see this happening. I believe what is more likely is that Apple will shrink the bezels of the screen down. This would give the effect that the screen seems larger and would be a bigger part of the actual handset.

But what else could Apple do? Making the handset thinner and lighter is always on everyone's minds however we are limited to the size of the 3.5mm headphone jack unless a proprietary converter was included with ever box which I again cannot see happening.

How different can the iPhones design now get and what do you think will be the feature that Tim and Phil will be showing off to us later this year be? What more can Apple do the iPhones hardware to tempt customers to purchase the latest and greatest Apple device?