Is the best Google experience you can get right now on iPad?

So I'm looking for a new tablet - I haven't had one before, but my PC is on the blink and for what I use it for, I can just as easily use a tablet as I can a laptop. I'm a fan of Android rather than iOS, and I have a Nexus 4, so I was considering going for an Android tablet because I'm so dependent on Google's services - whether that's using Chrome, Gmail, Google Music, Google+ Photos, Currents, Drive, YouTube and Maps. I wouldn't use a tablet for games or anything too processor-intensive, I just need a ~10" screen, and so clock speeds and RAM haven't been something I've been looking at in too great a detail.

But, after looking online at the Nexus 10, Galaxy Tab, Xperia Z tablet, and others, I began to look at Google's apps for the iPad. And they look great. As good as their Android counterparts. The iPad looks like one of, if not the, best tablets out there in terms of specs and, crucially, long-term OS support (I think long-term OS support is crucial. I know that if I was to buy an iPad Air today, it would be supported till iOS X. Could the same be argued for Android tablets?)

So, while there are advantages that Android tablets may have over the iPad, in terms of hardware (NFC, IR, better screen resolution, wireless charging), and software (sharing and intents, widgets), are they compelling reasons to switch to an Android device? I mean, in everyday use, do you actually use wireless charging or NFC? Is there a noticeable difference between the Nexus 10's 299PPI vs the iPad's 264PPI? In terms of intents, if you use Gmail, links open up in Chrome, YouTube or Maps, and the only widgets I use are weather and calendar, which are only a swipe down into the notification center anyway.

So, is the best Google experience you can get right now on iPad?