I don't think anybody really wants Apple to buy Tesla.

They just want them to buy this..

I myself have been one of these people. I would love this to be Apples iCar. Upon seeing it for the first time in The Verges piece about it I was absolutely stunned by its beauty, and the concept of this car made any imperfections irrelevant.

To me, this car was the answer to the question "What would a car be like if Apple made one?". I wanted them to buy Tesla, I wanted an Apple iModel S. Fuck logic, I wanted it!

Today though as the rumours are recirculating, I really don't think it would happen. Could they have a wonderful relationship? Yes. Could Apple buy Tesla? Absolutely. But I don't think they will. One car I one thing, but Tesla has a whole fleet of cars. A fleet of cars which feel redundant to me as none of them are THIS. None of them are the iModel S I want. And I think Apple would probably feel the same way. Taking on a fleet of cars in a massive, already established business would be hard going. And I don't see them wanting to do that. As you all know a Apple are mostly used to absorbing small start ups, but they couldn't just absorb Tesla the same way. Their businesses are so different.

I want to hear your opinions, predictions, thoughts and feeling about this! Will it be a sale? A partnership? Nothing at all? What do you all think?

Also, are you interested in the Model S?