In a small, twisting corner of the Museum of Modern Art, an exceedingly eclectic new collection hopes to represent the most innovative concepts in the last few decades of design. The new exhibition, which opened Saturday, is aptly titled "A Collection of Ideas" and it covers everything from Minecraft to drones to riot suits, framing each as a work that pushes new forms forward — despite each piece being individually quite commonplace.

"I'm always dealing with the fact that design is often discussed only in the style pages of magazines, or sometimes in the business pages," Paola Antonelli, MoMA's senior curator of architecture and design, tells The Verge. "It's so difficult to show people that it's not about decoration, it's not about superfluity — it's about real life."

And the new exhibition's most eye-catching selections are in fact those that stay closest to what we know. On one side of the collection is the "@" sign, on the other is a towering model of Google Maps' location pin. They're ubiquitous symbols — and perhaps easily overlooked because of it — but they're critical to daily interactions online.