What Smartphone Choices Are Left?

2014 looks to be a sad state of affairs in Android smartphone land, especially for those on Verizon.

What choices are realistically left?

Nexus devices will never come to Verizon again.

HTC's devices are great but it's uncertain how long the company's going to survive and that leaves updates in question. It seems even more risky given how quickly HTC dropped support for the One X.

Sony takes forever to bring their devices to the US, if they do at all, and their update record is hit-miss so it's definitely a gamble.

Motorola is now part of Lenovo so there's a lot of uncertainty about updates and the skin.

Samsung is by far the most predictable and consistent, but its software design leaves a lot to be desired. And that last 4.3 update to the GS4 introduced a bug where everything lags in landscape mode (but not portrait).

What is an Android user to do for 2014? Is there any reasonable choice left in which I can feel assured I'll be getting a solid experience and updates?