Sony will be the OEM taking all my money in 2014

Pretty much as the title suggests. Post is my own opinion of course, feel free to rip into it a bit. Someone'll call me a fanboy somewhere.

The only Sony product I own at the moment is one of their small MP3 players, because I don't like using up the battery or storage on my (recently drowned) Nexus 4. I own an old ExoPC tablet running windows 8.1, and so in the upcoming year I'll be looking to upgrade phone, tablet, maybe get a smartwatch and peripherals.

Sony is the the only OEM apart from Apple and maybe Nokia who I can see had their entire product range, hardware and software in order

  • I need a new phone? Upcoming Sony Z2, if it's as rumoured on the XDA forum, is top of my list. They've seemingly fixed the screen and sound issues with the Z1, and I'll take larger bezels for the waterproof design. Please let it have Qi charging.
  • Tablet; I liked the Tablet Z but the newer Tablet Z2, as specs leaked today, could be my next. I love the design of it, and the waterproofing again is a big plus. Even more so if they keep the IR blaster; I can see it being the perfect lounge tablet for me, as well as youtubing in the bath.
  • Peripherals? Well I might dip into a smartwatch, and if Sony updates their SW2, adds some health/sleep tracking features and wireless charging, it'll be in my sights. Otherwise the Pebble Steel could be a contender.
    Wireless headphones, speakers, those weird and amazing camera things? Sony seems to offer something in every category I can think of.
    Not to say that other manufacturers don't offer something in those product categories, but Sony appears to have it all up together, offering NFC for most accessories for example, bringing it all together.
  • Software, I'm not a huge fan of LG or Samsung's offerings. Particularly LG, which I think looks messy. Features like smart stay and Knock Knock are useful though, and I'm glad these appear to be included in the Z2. Sony, they have their own apps, I guess I'm not going to use quite a few of them but they don't across as bloatware to me. Their skin over Android doesn't look horrible either; they've not tried to changed too much, and what they've added is largely useful. Walkman app looks pretty, reminds me of that nice interface Zune desktop had.

Phone, tablet, wearables, peripherals. One OEM who binds them, and that's why Sony will be having my money in 2014