15 Web Browsing Tricks that will Save You Time and Money

The following Tips & Tricks of internet navigation will save you time and money.

Composed by Nick Carangi

1. Doh! just accidently closed your web browser tab? if you mistakenly close a tab on Google Chrome, press Control+Shift+T to revive the disappeared tab.

2. Out of the country and out of the content loop? Some countries block access to websites like Netflix, and certain websites block content in the region like Youtube, Firefox and Google Chrome have an option for an extension called Media Hint that can have you back watching the Walking Dead and Gray's Anatomy in no time.

3. Can't find that specific word or paragraph with a quick scroll? Control+F or Command+F will allow you to search for a specific word or phrase. Time saving and just easy.

4. Looking at something you're not supposed to? For Firefox users, press control+shift+p, or for Chrome it’s control+shift+N, and you’ll be browsing off the record. This isn't for the sake of "adult content", but more so to block tracking cookies and corporations from reeling in boku bucks from your personal info.

5. Tired of ads before your videos start on youtube and other sites? Adblock Plus is what you need in your life. It’s basicallylike having Shaq protecting your eyes from any type of advertisement.

6. How do you say **** in French? Google it! just put the language i.e. French, then 'translate', then the word you want to know. EX. French translate love = amour

7. How do I avoid typing the full www._.com? What you type into the URL bar can be surrounded by www. & .com by pressing control + enter.

8. What is the weather today? Why waste time letting weather.com load when you can use google's search bar by typing 'weather' followed by the city i.e. weather Philadelphia

9. Hey, what time is it? Google knows everything, and fast! Type 'time' followed by a location i.e. 'Los Angeles' for the local time

10. Sign reads, "PARK CLOSES AT SUNSET" Wait, what time is sunset? Google wins the day, type 'sunset' or 'sunrise' and the location for a quick sundial.

11. Why can't I find what I am googling? Improve search accuracy by taking advantage of boolean operators i.e. the minus or plus signs. E.g. Miley Cyrus -twerking. Voila! – what you know have is a scandalous career of tween idol now slightly less scandalous.

12. How can I move between tabs without have to use the mouse? Answer. Control+tab (or control+shift+tab) will switch you between them. If you have 100s of tabs you know how pleasing this can be!

13. I am a tab horder, how can I organize all these tabs? Mozilla Firefox is the way to go! The 'Group Your Tabs' function allows you to create custom windows with organized tabs, and you can even add a title to them.

14. Where can I find that book for free? Google if you enter the title, then the file type. So an example would look like this: Alice in Wonderland filetype:PDF or Alice in Wonderland PDF

15. Browser crashed. How can I recover the data I just entered on a form or on a post? Mozilla Firefox has an add-on called 'Lazarus' that will bring your form data back to life from its digital grave. Miracles do happen!