Has the wifi, sleep and touch display issues been fixed on the Dell Venue 8 pro

I purchased a Dell venue 8 pro back in december 2013 as soon as they where available for purchase at local retailers in my area, and was very pleased with the device with the exception of the wifi, sleep and touch display issues. These issues where so bad that i had no choice but to return the device. Yesterday evening, i purchased the Dell Venue 8 Pro again, since it was being sold for $199 @ Microcenter. I have searched online to see if the issues i mentioned had been fixed, but could not get an answer. Most threads i saw online was dated back to December 2013. Fellow Tribe members that currently have the Venue 8 Pro, has the wifi, resume from sleep, and touchscreen issues been fixed?, how is the state of the Venue 8 Pro in regards to support from Dell?