What does everyone in the Tribe think is coming in Windows Threshold? Here are a couple things in hoping for: Changing Skype. I hope that Microsoft will update Skype so other social services connect with it, instead of the People Hub. I think the People Hub should be dedicated to contacts in Outlook, Gmail, and other email services. Skype could integrate with Facebook and Gmail chat, as well as showing posts from social services from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Unify All of Windows. This could mean RT and WP merge, as well as a way for Metro apps to run on the desktop. More options for mouse users such as a smaller start menu could also be useful. The only thing with this is I hope the way windows 8.1 works is still present, for the touch users. Simply a mire unified experience. Every users should get all the features from any OS, and they should work the same way.