VZW Lumia Icon Stock Check: A Fail Tale

I did a random stock check at the South Tampa VZW store nearby my place. I called a rep there this afternoon to see if the Lumia Icon is already in stock or if they expect it in later this week (knowing already 2/20 is suppose to be the date). I learned...

- It's not in stock.

- It's not expected because they don't know when stock will be in because they were not told.

- I was told to pre-order, to which I asked how to do that.

- I was told to go to myverizon.com and pre-order from the upgrade page.

I went to myverizon.com, which goes to http://entertainment.verizon.com -- a content portal.

And as far I know, only Microsoft Stores are taking pre-orders.

This is going well so far...