what are the main reasons people buy the GoPro over the Sony Actioncam?

I'm quite inexperienced with both of these cameras, but I've been consistently impressed with all the action videos shot with these cameras as of late. Though I'm not an "action" video kind of guy, I am still tempted to purchase one of the two just to have the option should I need them for sake of variety and FoV.

However, I've seen many videos comparing the two and in most cases, the ActionCam seems to blow the GoPro away in terms of capturing detail. Despite that fact, it seems the GoPro is the absolute go-to camera for... almost everyone?

As an outsider, I like the detail that comes out of the ActionCam, but I also like the design of the GoPro over the AC for some reason. I also like the remote that comes with the Hero3+ Black. The AC also seems to have longer battery life, is lighter, and is cheaper.

From the looks of it, the Hero3+'s advantage is it can go deeper underwater and has a remote. I dont find the 4K that much of a big deal considering it only maxes out at 15fps.

Is the remote pretty much all that the GoPro has over the Actioncam for anyone that doesn't... swim? Or does the GoPro just seem more popular because of the excellent advertising they have going on. Come to think of it, I dont think I've ever seen a single ActionCam ad.

Can anyone with real experience with both of these cameras shed some light on this?