Physical or digital version

If a game is offered both physically and digitally, which version would you go for (assuming that you really like the game and wouldn't sell it afterwards).

I'm leaning towards digital now, mainly to avoid the physical format not being supported on future consoles. Example is the PSP. I bought a lot of PSP games, and at that time, I valued the physical UMDs more than digital (besides, memory sticks are expensive). However, I kinda regret that decision now that I have the Vita. If I had bought many of my PSP games digitally, I would be able to play them on my Vita, not having to keep the PSP. Now for the Vita, I'm leaning towards buying the Vita games digitally, in case the same thing happen again on the next portable where Sony could axe the Vita cartridge.

There are downsides of digital versions. Easy example is import games. Simply importing the physical version is much easier than trying to wrestle the virtual region locking of the different online stores (and their currency). Also, physical version sometimes are on sale for less than the digital version. Storage limitation is another issue for some.

What do you guys feel?