Buying a new dev machine (laptop) -- need recommendations

Hey everyone,

My 4-year-old Sony VAIO has finally reached its last legs as it is sputtering on network issues (not to mention the lack of Hyper-V and OpenGL means that developing on emulators is impossible). So I'm in the market for a new machine. I'm currently considering the Yoga 2 Pro and the VAIO Pro 13 but both seem to have issues--the Yoga 2 apparently has bad battery life and the VAIO has WiFi issues? I have not decided on a budget yet but given that this is my first major computer purchase in 4 years, I wouldn't mind spending a little extra to make it last around that amount of time.

Ideally I'm looking at a 256-512 GB SSD, 8 gigs of RAM. I don't care about processor speed all that much. I'm coming from a 1.90 GHz Core 2 Duo so anything is going to be flying for me.

So, go ahead and drool on this thread for what you'd buy and I'll check it out. Extra karma for people who have first-hand reviews.

The only restriction is that I'm not in the market for a Macbook.