Windows Phone Users, I need help.

I'm currently stationed in South Korea and for the first time ever, my HTC 8X ran out of battery. "No big deal, I'll charge it when I get home" I thought. But now it won't charge, it won't power on (even when plugged in), it won't reboot when I hold down the power button, the power LED won't even come on when I plug it in.

Can anyone offer help? I'm at a loss and don't know what else to try, but I need a functioning phone for work.

Windows Phones aren't sold in Korea and Verizon won't send a replacement outside of the U.S.

[Update] The charger is not the issue, I've tried several other chargers, including different cables and connecting the phone to a PC. I've also tried the power and volume down buttons at the same time to no avail. Any other suggestions?