Recommend me a tablet.

Hi Guys,

So bascially I'm in the market for a new tablet, I want it to be a companion to my laptop. My current set up is a Macbook Air 13inch i7/8GB ram version and a Galaxy S4.

I've decided to go with a Windows tablet because of the UI experience, I want something I can bring with me when I don't need the laptop, which at the moment is not a lot as I'm on a software development internship at the moment and have to use a laptop provided by the company. I'll need it for when I return to college though.

I was looking at getting the Lenovo Miix 2 8 inch 32GB with the stylus and cover for 365€, seems like a nice tablet or the Surface 2 32GB with a student discount for 399€

I was talking to my friends about it and they suggested selling the Macbook Air and buying a Surface Pro and kill two birds with the one stone but I'm not too sure if I would enjoy a 10" inch device as my main device, especially for things like web development , programming and some of my college modules require programming in Linux for use of the terminal which I just do on my Macbook.

Any suggestions? I've heard rumors of a Surface "Mini" but I don't want to wait for something that might never come out!