Are Android tablets reliable, and any other alternative ?

Hello guys, im thinking of getting a tablet with wacom active digitizer. My last experinece with android tablet was galaxy tab 10.1, i hated it so badly (just dont want to talk about the exp). So my question is; are android tablet reliable beside nexus line ? any owner of galaxy note 10.1 like to give your first hand experience with the device. One thing good about the touchwizz on note 10.1 is the homescreen and statusbar.

Galaxy Note 10.1 is my second choice, im very much interested in getting a windows tablet. Tablet will mostly be used for note taking, browsing and pdfs. I dont care about entertainment, but i want good experience with no compromises. My first choice is surface pro 2 or any other less expensive windows tablet , and my second choice is android tablet. Please dont recommend me ipad because i dont like it, im not productive when using it. I really dig the multi- window mode of note 10.1 and other s-pen features , which brings it much closer to windows tablet in terms of multi tasking. I was also looking at note pro 12, not completely sold on the size though. If i buy windows tablet, i can run aoe3 which i play time to time and is plus , but if i can get some thing cheaper and reliable ill definitely buy it . last question, Is touchwizz still a monster ?

Surface pro 2
Asus vivotab 8
Galaxy note 10.1
Galaxy note pro 12