Facebook acquires WhatsApp for $19 bill: Thoughts? How can Microsoft enhance this value?

Let me start by reminding you that Facebook is a strategic investment by Microsoft, owning 1.4% and exclusive search deal with facebook. They are a long time partner and we help them at any chance we can.

I was thinking we should:

-fully integrate WhatsApp into Skype. We can power WhatsApp video chat (future potential feature) the same way we already power facebook's video chat feature.

-fully integrate WhatsApp+Skype at the OS level for the Windows Phone and Windows Messaging app. it would skyrocket the user count of whatsapp. The main reason we should do this isnt just to help our partner facebook, but because one more user on whatsapp is one less user on google hangout or apple imessage.


I think its a decent price. Facebook Messenger hasnt taken over the world as much as WhatsApp has. WhatsApp is a mobile first company.

Instagram: Facebook Photo app

WhatsApp: Facebook Instant Messaging App (messenger isnt as big as whatsapp) (70% of users use it daily, out of 450 mill total users)... will reach 1 billion users within a year.

they now have 2 of the hottest mobile apps ever made.