Why did the QWERTY Keyboard go "Ghost"?



Recently I have been lamenting a hardware keyboard. Going through the years I remember why. I went form owning flip phones to owning full on 3G qwerty keyboard devices for 2-3 years and that changed when I got my first full touch screen android phone back in 2011. While I have used virtual keyboards for almost 3 years now, I secretly hate them.

Virtual Keyboards suck. While it is entirely possible to type faster on them. hey suck on account of accuracy and number and symbols input. I bought swiftkey and use Google Keyboard it still isn't that reliable. I have had Google Keyboard freeze on me before and even though I have more room to type on my 4.7 inch display vs my Razr M`s 4.3 inches I end up with a smaller keyboard. How? Who in the fuck designs this shit? One if the reasons I still keep haptic feedback in my keyboards because it approximates to something close to an actual button.

Now I come to my point of this post. Why in the hell is the keyboard being fazed out? I understand some people prefer qwerty input. But I feel more than anything this change happened because the manufacturers themselves felt compelled to change things and so of course consumers are going to buy the devices with no keyboards if they have no other option. I also, feel that this is similar to the push for bigger screens. Ony reason phones with bigger screens are bought now is because you will be hard pressed to find a phone (there a few but not a lot by any means) that has a screen less than 5 inches.

I hope that in the near future we can bring keyboards back, they`re bringing back the big phone why not the keyboard too?