I just bought a monster... the Lumia 1520, that is

So I bought a red Lumia 1520 today.

At full price, it's probably the biggest impulse purchase I've ever made. But boy, it's a beautiful device, and WP8 is starkly beautiful as well. I still have my iPhone 5 for the "goodies" (read: apps).

I haven't seen any posts by people who own the 1520, so if there is interest I will post again with a review.

In the meantime, I have a couple thoughts that others might be interested in helping me sort out:

(1) I think SkyDrive is fine, but I'm really wedded to Dropbox and its automatic upload of photos. FileBox claims to be able to do so, but no luck so far. Should I give up and let SkyDrive -- ugh "OneDrive" -- take over that duty?

(2) I don't really see myself doing a seismic ecosystem shift right now. I'm quite happy with OSX and not sure I would like my interface to get all "tiley." Am I missing out by not giving W8 a chance? Suppose I started using my 1520 full-time. Will integrating WP8 with W8 give me that "synergy" boost I've seen with OSX and iOS? I mean, SkyDrive works fine on OSX, and MS Office is... okay, well, MS Office kind of sucks on OSX, but it's not a disaster, and it's still superior in functionality to iWork. So I'm just not sure what I'll get switching to W8, but I'm open to input from others.

Boring background: Some of you may remember that I posted asking about the 520 several months back. At the time I was being gadget-greedy, and I never actually bought one. This time the reason was different. I recently sold my iPad because I just didn't see the point of it anymore, but suddenly I found myself frustrated by the iPhone's tiny screen. I needed a media browsing device that doesn't make me squint!

And by the way, today I walked into an AT&T store for the first time in 6+ months and saw ridiculously enormous phones. A lot can change in a short time. The Galaxy Mega is hilarious! But I can't make fun, since I got the 1520. And the iPhone looks utterly pitiful in comparison. I don't know if I can own another device as small, as much as I like iOS.