Time to replace the old Galaxy Nexus

My Galaxy Nexus Francesca has been a helpful tool for the past two years, as of this week. But it's time to replace her. Something about Samsung's power connectors! I'm on my 3rd unit in two years (due to screen cracking, water damage, etc) and all three have had charging problems with the microUSB port. If not finagled a certain way, it simply will not charge. My friend's GS2 had this same problem. Have any of you noticed it with Samsung phones? Either way, it's really discouraged me from Samsung in the future. (And I really like the Note!)

But I'm at a dilemma. I'm not sure how much longer my phone will charge with its faulty connector. I had to jerry rig it weirdly tonight with a specific microUSB cord so that it will charge. But I am not quick to buy a new phone right now as this doesn't seem like a good time to buy. What do you think?

I'd love to have the Nexus 5 but my family plan is locked on Verizon and I really do appreciate their great coverage. My top choice would probably be the next HTC One. When do you think we can expect it to be available? Do you think with HTC in such unrest, buying one of their phones would be unwise because the company could be in ruin within the duration of this phone's lifespan and leave it unsupported with no hope for software updates? (Oh the melodramatics!) Do you have any other suggestions? I'd love to hear your opinions on a replacement for my trusty, stock, GalNex.