Help! My First iOS device since the 1st gen iPod touch

Moving past the slightly over dramatic title, I need some help adjusting to iOS.

I recently purchased an iPhone 5s and am wondering how best to use it (what are some good app/game suggestions, and tricks or tips, etc) I have been using a lumia 1020 for the past few months which I've found to be quite interesting though I don't use the camera all that much which is saddening and before that I've been android. I THINK I'm probably not going to keep this phone as my main phone for long and use it more as a developer/testing device but I thought I'd give iOS a fair shake since I haven't touched it for an extended period of time since the first iteration.

Some of the main areas/use cases of mine:

Not interested in social media, don't care about facebook/twitter, the exception maybe google+

Need a solid email client that supports multiple accounts

Podcast app (been told the iOS version of pocket case is great)

Casual games to play during my commute

A SSH client

Pebble assisting apps (if they exist and integrate the same way they do on android)

Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing your suggestions!