Metabones Speed Booster

Hey guys,

It's that time of year again.... Tax return time!!

We all know that means investing in more gear. For myself specifically it is going to be camera gear and I was looking for some advice from the great people here at the Lens forum on a purchase I am considering.

A little about myself and my situation to put things into perspective. I am an enthusiast photographer and I enjoy making videos. Currently I am shooting with an NEX 6 that I like a great deal and I have a handful of lenses that I cycle through. Recently I bought an old Nikon F mount 50 1.8 on a whim and I discovered that I really like shooting with manual lenses. Something about focusing manually and feeling the clicks of that aperture ring as it turns is very satisfying and makes me think a little more about my shots. I don't shoot much more than buildings and people at bars so I don't really have a dire need for autofocus.

So I was thinking about buying some more manual lenses, maybe some older ones that are cheap and optically sound, which is when I really started looking into the Metabones Speed Boosters. All of the reviews I have read say that optically they are very good and you get an extra stop of light on top of better depth of field and no more crop factor. Sounds pretty good to me.

As far as video goes, after seeing this I was sold on the video abilities:

Metabones and NEX filming

So here is where I ask you guys my questions. Has anyone had any experience using one of these? Would this money be better spent on lenses rather than a speed booster? If I do make the plunge, I was looking at either the the Canon FD one or the Minolta MD since they are cheaper than some of the other ones and I already have a MD 28-135 that I like. I don't know a ton about either lens system so if I do go that route would one be better than the other? What do you guys think? Am I crazy? Am I just trying to talk myself into buying a lot of gimmicky stuff rather than gear that will help me?

Thanks for listening to my rant