2011 MBP discrete graphics problem


via cdn.macrumors.com

I just wanted to get this problem to your notice. A lot of early- & late-2011 MBPs have crashed over the past few days due to a failure of discrete graphics. AppleInsider & MacRumors covered this; but then it went out of media views. There's a petition at change.org and a facebook group for this problem with around 600 people facing this situation. The issue seems to arise from heating due to heavy use of the machine; but I guess a $3000 laptop is meant for making use of those advanced features. Even iFixit in their teardown mentioned of the possibility of heating problems - "Holy thermal paste! Time will tell if the gobs of thermal paste applied to the CPU and GPU will cause overheating issues down the road."

Any sort of help/suggestion from the good people on this forum will be great.

Have a great day. :)