I don’t recommend the MacBook Air

The 2013 MacBook Air has probably the highest review ratings in its price range. And as a owner of it, I agree. It’s refined to the perfection in every possible aspect.

oh, but the screen.

You know, for the price, I know that a screen of this quality is acceptable. But I just can’t help but notice the lacklustre screen quality. It just degrades the overall experience. I have an iPad but don’t use it that much. My most frequently used device is my iPhone which has a much smaller screen, so I thought it wouldn’t influence my perception of a low-res 13 inch screen that much. But it unfortunately does.

For all laptop use cases that I can think of, I think it’s a better choice to pay a bit more and get the 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. It’s just a bit thicker and heavier. Battery life? Sure the MacBook Air lasts longer but really, the Retina display is so much better that it’s definitely worth sacrificing a few hours of battery life.

I didn't realise the importance of a quality screen until I met the MacBook Air. I know screen quality is a relative thing. It all depends on the screen quality of your other devices. But even then, I think the Retina MacBook Pro is a better deal with an amazingly high-quality screen and beefier graphics.

So yeah, if you have ever compared the screen quality of a Macbook Air and a Retina MacBook Pro you would probably know how I feel now.