About Facebook and people's fear over targeted ads

Facebook bought Whatsapp for 19 instagrams and most of the posts in the comments section on the deal related pages are filled with people accusing FB of selling their data to advertisers. So, let me just ask this why the bias towards Facebook, doesn't Google also does the same(in respect to targeted ads).

Also, people really have to stop spreading the FUD over targeted ads. FB or Google doesn't make a graph and give all your information to an advertiser with all your identifiable info and private data. Both the companies anonymize your data by removing all the Information identifying you. For example if your name is Alice, F, aged 19, studying in college and staying in Brussels and you are interested in books then to the advertiser you appear just as a female in her late teens who is staying in Brussels and interested in books and so the advertiser can show you the ads for books which a female in her late teens might like and the book choice may change depending on what you have read in the past and what people in Brussels are reading. How this is bad is beyond me as the advertiser doesn't get any info(unless you explicitly do so) that may violate your privacy . In the end the advertiser gets better reach, FB/Google gets more ad revenue per ad shown and the user gets more relevant ads.

So, please stop spreading the FUD about targeted ads.