Mobile Startups

Companies are started across the world each and every day. A growing number of these companies are those in which exist specifically to provide a new way of connecting people via mobile ecosystems like Apple's iOS, Google's Android or Microsoft's Windows Phone platform.

But how do we measure the success of these companies? There are a number of ways in which we can measure the success of big, major companies like Apple & Google. Market Capital, profits, growth, product sales, revenue, cash flow, earnings per share and so on.

But for smalls companies, in particular small mobile startups like Nest, Sparrow, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, the list goes on. There seems to be a new way in how to measure how successful these companies are. This being how quickly they are snapped up and acquired by a large company and incorporated into their future plans.

Acquisitions and Mergers are always happening around us but recently the likes of Google and Facebook have been catching the technology worlds eyes via the acquisitions of these companies. Google for instance to name a few have purchased the likes of Bump, Waze, Nest and Sparrow in the last 2 years alone spending billions of dollars along with Facebook with their $1 Billion purchase of Instagram and then yesterdays $16 billion acquisition of WhatsApp.

Is it becoming more of a new way to measure a technology companies power and success by how quickly they are swallowed up by these companies? Is the new way to work for a company like Apple or Google to go out there and create something unique and catch their eyes. This has been spoken about on CNN however this poses a threat to big blue chip companies as talent may be diverted away into creating something for themselves, creating their own empires and giving consumers more choice.

Either way, the consumers will always win and the quality of everything we use on a day to day basis will continue to get better and better.