How much do you pay for Cable/Internet?

Just changed my cable plan after many hours on the phone with Comcast and I was wondering what everyone else pays, what kind of promotional pricing they were offered, how many tvs, etc.

In my area (Boston), my only option for most things is Comcast. For the past two years I've paid $88 per month for 25 Mbps internet and HD tv including HBO, Showtime, ESPN, and more channels than I watch. With this package I was able to watch everything online at and control my tv from my phone/computer, which is a pretty awesome setup.

A couple months ago, one of my promotions ended and my per month price jumped to about $109. Not a terrible price, but it feels a lot higher once you break 100.

Two days ago I looked at my bill and it had again raised, this time to $140 a month, my service had not changed, but all my promotions had ended. It feels like I'm paying double for the same service.

I cancelled cable. For $64 a month I now have 50 Mbps internet and nothing else. I can't watch shows on, HBOgo, or anything else that requires a cable subscription, but I now have $24-40 a month that I feel fine putting towards other services. I signed up for Aereo ($8) so that I can watch the olympics and the oscars, I'm also using their DVR feature to grab some shows that I usually watch on Hulu. I have a Netflix account ($8) and an Amazon Prime ($6.50), but I already had those before canceling cable, so that won't change. I now can freely watch tv and movies on my tablet, laptop, or the mac pro that's plugged into my tv.