The Verge Daily Off-Topic: Welcome to Alpha (Thurs 20 Feb)

Welcome to Alpha!

Hello Verge friends (do we have a nickname yet for the community?) and welcome to The Verge: Daily.

What is this thread you ask? It's your daily Community Off-Topic thread where you're given the floor to talk about anything that's caught your eye over the past 24 hours.

Just be sure to stick to The Verge's Community Guidelines, and we'll be golden folks.

Now I've been running a similar thread on Polygon for the past 20 or so months, and the community there have found thats it's a great way to start your day. A place to pop by and just have some good natured chat about anything really, as long as you respect your fellow reader regardless of their technological affiliation. You can check out today's thread over there for an idea of what I hope we can have here.

The schedule is Mon-Fri, and a general weekend thread to account for the forums not being as busy. Normally on Polygon you get a roundup of the previous days news, features, reviews and most recommended comment on the thread. That could be pretty cool to see here too no?

I'm going to turn this into a daily event soon, but for now consider today a test of sorts to see what comes of the conversation in the space below. There are no borders here on off-topic. There are no flame wars.

There is only The Verge.