1020 or 1520? Users, lend me your perspective!

Hi all Windowers,

I've recently flung myself into the MS ecosystem head first (made my default devices my Surface Pro 2, my custom Windows 8 Pro rig, and my Xbox One) for the majority of my content consumption.

Now, I want to tread water with Windows Phone.

I recently tried out Android and the Nexus 5 as a viable replacement for my iPhone 5S (been iOS only / primary for 4 years). I have been really disappointed with the unit.

It's not pretty, it doesn't handle much without crashing / hanging, and the camera is appalling.

The 1520 and 1020 are calling to me, but I would love to hear what you're favourite / least favourite things about them are.

I would buy a SIM-Free on, to use in the UK, and would actively participate in lots of mobile photography and image processing.

Thanks guys!