Aviate: How it Made a College Students Life Easier


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It all started almost a week ago (at the time of this writing) with this :

Flat Design On Android

So I had some reconsiderations about Aviate because I wanted to simplify my device. I deleted a lot more apps and changed things up to where my device is more for productivity than a distraction. So I decided to give Aviate a go and long story short I love it. Aviate is what it means to be productive on a smartphone. Let me elaborate:


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ThumbsUpLabs had the great ideas of having Spaces. Space are different areas within the launcher the have different apps that relate to whatever the space is. Like for example:


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This is my Home Space. It only has Netflix because I`m watching House of Cards Season 2 and I am still trying to finish it out. But it not only shows the apps you want to use while you are at home it also shows the weather. When you tap on it, it brings up Google Now and its weather information. From here you can set and alarm and go into Do Not eDisturb mode (a handy feature). Next we have my Work Space:


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As you can see it has a a lot more going on. I go into this space at school (obviously) and look at my notes in Evernote, check email go into my calendar or use the calculator. Clean Master is there to check on larger files and see how much space everything is taking up (I have 16 GB Moto X, so I keep and eye on space). Now onto the Going Somewhere Space:


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I can go to traffic view in Google Maps or navigate to Home or School. As for apps: Google Maps nuff` said. Onto music:


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This is a new space and I like it a lot. Its for music and thats all there is too it. But Settings is lot more busy:


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Here you can switch from the Dark to light theme enable power saver mode, Change Home and Work addresses and even add a settings widget.


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After using Aviate for a week, it is a simple android smartphone user who wants to stay productive on the move dream setup. A mouthful I know. But, it has been so simple and helpful. Not messing with a bunch of settings yet it is a customizable as you like. Between Aviate and Touchless Controls on my Moto X everything is available on my device for me to use at a moments notice.

Google Play: Aviate

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