The Verge's iPad Air Review - The Best Gets Better

So, I just re-read The Verge's iPad Air review by Nilay Patel. To my astonishment, the review did not mention just how unstable Safari is on the device. I mean, it would be exceptional to go through just one day without Safari crashing on it. With the iPad Air, the best didn't get better, it got worse. Not even one word about this issue in the review, however, Nilay points out that the Safari icon is still terrible.

After I got my iPad Air, it took me maybe 5 minutes to realize that there was a problem. So here I am, having a very hard time seeing how Nilay could have possibly missed the problem. And no, it's not just my device. As far as I know, this issue occurs on all iPad Airs, and has persisted for months. And it's not just The Verge's review. Check any mainstream tech blog review of the iPad Air, it's like this issue didn't exist with the reviewed units. So what's going on? Did Apple perhaps ship tailor-made units for reviews? Somehow I can't believe that this was the case. But then, what are the alternatives? All the major tech sites just gave Apple a free pass because otherwise they get embargoed or something?