The Verge is reporting $16 billions while all the rest $19 billions ?

I thought to post this on the Web & Social forum, but this question I think has to do more with the sources (The Verge) than with the Facebook announcement regarding the WhatsApp acquisition.

The Verge has been reported the figure of $16 billions while all the rest of the media is reporting $19 billions. (WTF???)

Discrepancies like these are common but usually, they get corrected eventually fairly quickly, I get that. At first I noticed this when reading the news in Engadget last night, but this morning, CNet, the Wall Streete Journal and other news outlets are all saying the same figure which differs from the one reported by The Verge.

Should this be a real fact-checking discrepancy by The Verge, what strikes me is the amount of time that has passed without anyone saying anything.


It could be that all the media is maybe including other stuff that adds to the sale price, while The Verge is only talking about one part of the transaction?