Canon 5D Mk3 or 7D?

Hey guys I've been saving and thinking which would suit my needs better. I have a little experience with photography, my father has some equipment that I would be allowed to use like his 24-70mm 2.8 but I would like to purchase my own stuff now.

I have asked here before but I've saved up quite a bit more. By the end of next month I'll have around $4000. This will be for body and lens, I have tripods bags filters all that stuff available. I will be shooting available light, a lot of low light. I also will be filming. While I don't have a ton of experience I do have a bit and people to teach me. I've picked the 7D and 5D because of their great build quality, I bike a lot I've fallen, almost gotten hit by cars and I'd rather not have my camera get destroyed!

As for the 7D, it's a much older camera but it's still one of the best crops. It provides great image quality and doesn't cost nearly as much as the 5D. I would buy Sigma's 35mm Art series lens which is around $900 and I also plan to buy the 24-105mm f/4 because it has image stabilization which will help with filming.

For the 5D it's a full frame so it'll help out a lot with low light shooting. Another major point is it's got amazing video quality. I've been watching comparisons and the sharpness between the two is pretty noticeable in my opinion. Since the 5D is a lot more I would only be able to buy the Sigma 50mm (which i think is a pretty nice lens).

So what are your opinions? I would love to hear them since I'll be buying one soon. While a lot of people say you should start off with a lesser body and build lens collection, I'll have access to a few lenses but I'll be using the one i buy with the body primarily. Plus I'm thinking if I invested in the 5D it's relatively new so it won't be out dated for quite a while.

Which ever the majority picks I'll probably purchase. Thanks in advanced though, I think The Verge's photography forum has been a lot more supportive then other sites dedicated to actual photography!