Flappy Birds and Western (Gawker) Cynicism

Is it just me or should there be more uproar over how the Developer of Flappy Birds was treated. I mean, Kotaku was one of the worse, and is a major Gawker site, yet they have faced no backlash (though I been missing the last week or so) for their treatment on what happened.

Let's recap. Indie developer in Vietnam develops a game in a few days months ago. Suddenly, it becomes very popular and they start receiving attention the likes they have never had to deal with before in a country where jackpot successes simply don't happen. A lot of this attention is negative. Said developer just likes creating simple games for fun and a bit of profit. Yet money grubbing assholes like Gawker and that marketing expert whatshisname (the one who accused the Developer of gaming the system) accuse this Indie and very nice Developer of being a money grubbing asshole. The Developer says he will take the game away so he doesn't have to deal with it anymore. More assholes accuss him of trying a new money making tactic (how this would work, who knows). The developer sticks to his promise and the game disappears forever, along with possible tens of millions in related products (ala Angry Birds).

So once again, with it now being pretty clear who the assholes are (Kotaku, Us), where the f**k are the apologies? And am I not the only one really disgusted by what has happened here? Why hasn't Kotaku been taken down? Instead, they are allowed to continue on in their Nancy Grace style typical of most Gawker sites (while making a lot of money, because they're the true money grubbring assholes)



(Keep in mind Kotaku had to edit their worse post on this subject)

I mean, I know it's not a huge deal, but something about this seems fundamentally wrong and sickeningly. Like an assault victim who has to apologize to their attack level of wrongness. Anyone else agrees? Or are we just going to forget about this? Myself, I'm staying away from all Gawker sites an links. I honestly feel that disgusted and I'm usually pretty heartless bastard who's all about 'anything goes on the net' (and who understands that one person's page views don't go a long way at all, so I often click links from folk I disagree with and will continue to do so, just not Gawker). But this has touched a nerve.