Latest Rumor From Barcelona

There are strong rumors floating around Barcelona that Samsung is close to announcing a new line of Smart Galaxy Apparel. Normally unreliable sources close to the project hint that Samsung was prepared to introduce the first Smart Shirt here in Barcelona, but it failed the soak test and it proved not to be colorfast. The most intriguing feature of the Galaxy Apparel seems to be PP "Horizontal Pockets". It is said that this would eliminate the industry wide problem of which end to put the headphone jack, as it would be easily accessible from either side.

Galaxy "Dockers" are reported to contain actual docks, for charging on the go. The electricity for the dock is generated by friction of the leg against the fabric. And, as always with Samsung, they found through testing that the cheapest material generated the most reliable current. Other sources report that Samsung is actually testing stereo speakers built into the rear pockets. The final decision on this will be made by Samsung’s CFO, depending on how it might impact the bottom line. In testing, the new "Horizontal Pockets" received a big thumbs-up from the panhandlers in the Mission District. The phrase "Mana from heaven" was used by many in the focus group.

Several manufacturers are said to be working on accessories, including a "Revolutionary" pocket protector; presumably for those leaky stylus pens. Stay Tuned!

(Edit) Apple is said to be preparing legal briefs.