Is getting a licence for Microsoft Office really needed?

One of the things that always bummed me out when getting a shiny brand new laptop is that on top of the money spent on getting it, you still need to spend around $150 (or more) additionally in order to unlock the trial version license of your Ms Office installation.

Now with the newly announced presentation of the web version of Microsoft Office (which have been available under the "Apps" moniker for a while), I wonder how many people will just forego paying for a full Ms Office license for a traditional suite installation and just rely on the free online version.

Yes, we all know that a full traditional offline installation includes a huge amount of features that are not available within the free web versions, but these features tend to be the more complex ones that your average casual user doesn't even care to learn about.

Having the ability of using Word, Excel, etc without having to rely on an internet connection is the only other reason I can think of why someone would still pay for a traditional installation. But with internet access becoming more ubiquitous, along with having each time more options for having mobile internet with MiFi devices or having LTE capabilities directly on your tablet, PC, etc, I wonder if foregoing completely a traditional installation of Microsoft office is going to become the reality for many consumers.

The argument of "but many people need a full office installation for their jobs" does not apply because those PC's and licenses are being paid for by the company.

Talking strictly for the personal computers purchased by people to be used at the home for your personal stuff, in your case do you see yourself foregoing installing and paying for a license and just relying on the web version of Office?