Lumix GM1 or RX100 II?

So I'm torn on which small second camera to get. I'm very near pulling the trigger on the Lumix GM1. My use cases: food blogging, sporting events/venues where DSLRs are banned, street photography, and snapshots. Using the theory of bigger sensor = better picture has tilted me toward the GM1, but of course better glass can play just as big a part in image quality. Which brings me back to the RX100. So it's circular. I could just get better glass for the GM1, but I'm more likely to spend money on more Canon lenses rather than investing in the m43 ecosystem.

So what say you? Which would you pick up if given the choice. I'm thinking of grabbing the Olympus Lens Cap lens w/ the GM1, but that's even worse than the kit lens (but significantly more portable). I don't care about a viewfinder or a tilting screen, so IQ is the only differentiator I'm looking at. I really wish The Verge (or any big tech site) would review the GM1, the only real review I've seen on it was DPReview.