Google is doing what Microsoft should have in project tango.

I would have never thought Google would beat Ms to releasing a phone with a depth camera sensor and software to map out the surroundings, considering that Ms has been toying with that tech for quite some time.

But here they are, acquired a low power visual processor chip maker specifically for that purpose and already shipping dev kits.

Between Glass and this, one can't deny Microsoft is resting on its laurels, reacting too slow and when it's too late. It's well and nice in the research and development department and they got most of this tech there, but they absolutely can't bring it together into a feasible product and ship it.

These phones will be to kinect, what the tablet and smartphone were to the PC. Devs will switch attention away to them for their gesture and 3D mapping needs.

The real kick in the nuts for Ms is also that the guy heading the project is a former member of the Kinect team. So Google is pinching their visual/image processing experts and doing the 'cool' stuff. Why did he leave ? I bet it's because neither funding nor the necessary resources were devoted to his proposed 'vision' and or everything was moving too slow. Microsoft is too hesitant and unwilling to spend on 'quick experiments', is it really that difficult for them to get their engineers to quickly make some brute prototypes using off the shelf parts at first and then produced a more packaged/shippable version ? If it sounds cool and able to augment experience, just do it and ship it.