My first Verge dream (and hopefully my last)

So this is a first. A Verge dream. I've had work dreams, school dreams, all sorts of dreams, but I've never had a Verge dream. Till last night.

It started out at The Verge's weekly Friday evening reader get-together at a New York City community center (remember, this is a dream -- as far as I know none of this is real). Josh Topolsky got up to make a major announcement -- that The Verge had "acquired" Engadget. No price was given, and it wasn't exactly clear who or what from Engadget would be joining the Verge, but Josh and Nilay both seemed pretty stoked.

Shockingly this wasn't the first big acquisition by The Verge - they were also still pumped about recently spending $1.6 billion to buy up Tinder.

So there's that.

But the party couldn’t last too long – we had to get out so a yoga class could use the space. But don’t worry: several Verge staffers helped the little old ladies unroll their yoga mats.