Microsoft's Start opportunity

I noticed a few comments around the new - and the Microsoft products and services that aren't on there just by adding a few more tiles that weren't directly part of Office, like Skype.

Then I thought why not just go the whole way? Microsoft own - it has spent most of its life being either a redirect to or live search/bing - and at the moment doesn't do anything at all.

The Windows 8 complaints about the lack of start button proved how powerful that one button is for Microsoft - so why not integrate it into their web properties?


This is just thrown together using the background that was on Bing today, the stuff and a few added tiles for things like Xbox Music, Skype, Bing and the associated services like Maps, News, etc.

But I think that unlike the current relative lack of discoverability that the current small icon next to the name of the web apps, a Start button is clear to Microsoft's users and certainly something they could expect.


Ideally it would integrate well with the services you have on your Microsoft account - like if you have an active Xbox Music subscription, showing a bigger tile and some quick playlist options - including being as much as possible reflective of what you have on Windows 8 PCs that you log into with the same Microsoft Account.

Allowing you to customise what's there, and pin extra tiles or third party websites/apps would make it a good home page for a lot of users - particularly with live tiles.

What are other ideas you have for making it easier for users of some of the Microsoft web services to find the other ones?