Everything Google is doing points to one big scary ecosystem

Nest, Google Fiber, Boston Dynamics, Project Tango. All of these moves seem somewhat cryptic, even scatterbrain at times. Certainly one of Google's angles is to aquihire good talent, but it must go much farther past this.

My theory is Google is betting big on the internet of things and home automation.

First, lets see what Google has in their growing arsenal:

Nest - Provides internet of things hardware as well as home automation software

Android - Provides an always on you input device

Project Tango - Using that always on you input device to crowd-source a deeply accurate rendering of the world

Google Glass - Provides another input, but more importantly provides a means for augmented reality output

Google Car - Google has shown interest in creating its own car line. This is speculative, but one way or another Google is going to attempt to bring its self driving car technology to the consumer market

Boston Dynamics / other robotics acquisitions - Much like Google Car, Google is looking to increase the ways its internet of things devices are able to interact with the world

Google Now - Shows that Google is quickly getting predictive technology down well, knowing what a user will do with no active effort from the user

Android, Google Now, and Google Car knows when you are leaving home and coming home. Contacting Nest, your home knows when to turn on / off the lights, and when to turn on / off the thermostat. More integrated houses could use Project Tango, Nest, and some robotics to have room to room temperature control. An array of Google Cars with thermostats, barometers and other sensors could crowd-source the weather detection in much the same way as Google Maps controls its directions. Taking the technology of Project Tango, Google Car, and Boston Dynamics, self learning robots does not seem far off. There are so many possibilities just with what Google possesses now.

Google has everything in place. All it needs is the direction and time of business development, and a way to get some of these peices into people's hands. Google will be using its current products as a trojan horse to integrate you into its other products and services. While companies such as IBM and Microsoft have been pushing for the internet of things, Google has the easiest shot of getting you the consumer to buy into it. For better or for worse, the Google ecosystem is going to become MUCH more expansive over the next few years and decades. This is a very powerful long term strategy.