Best screen (and body) protector - specifically for iPad?

So, I finally upgrade my 4th gen to an iPad Air today, and I love the change. However, the price of the SmartCase went up by like $30 to $40 since I bought my iPad 4 so I just got the Smart Cover. Either way, I'd get a screen protector, but I'm wanting to get a full body one. On my previous ipad, I used a Zagg screen shield.

what do you all think is the best option? If you've tried many brands and types, I'd love to hear some comparisons, as I've only ever used Zagg.

I'll start with my take on Zagg. I haven't actually removed it, though I will before I sell it because it is a little dis colored, probably from me holding it while smoking sometimes (I need a screen cover for this alone at least), and it's starting to peel up just a little bit on the bottom. Obnoxiously difficult to place properly, and I hated having to wait right after getting my new toy. But that means nothing in terms of quality. Though the screen lost some of that nice,slick feel you get out of the box, it seems to have been well protected. I mean, it hang suffered any tears or scratches to the cover itself, so I'm sure the screen is safe, though I'll know soon. What else have you guys tried? Or do you think Zagg is still the best bet?